L2HighLevel - We took the best of L2 H5 chronicle!

We offer perfect gameplay for those who admire the real challenge. Lineage 2 HighLevel will bring back fond memories of the original game with its hardcore level, battles, recognition for each achievement, and new challenges anywhere in the game. Join this amazing project and start your story on the best, most reliable and stable HighFive Free to play server.

New server October 17. 2020

L2HIGHLEVEL revives the true essence of the original game totally revamped for the most tryhard lineage 2 players.

Platform AdvExt64 High Five

Single Box (1 Account per person)

All Rates Setted x1

No Pay To Win

StrixGuard Protection

Professional Staff

Safe Enchant +3

Max Enchant +16


  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

download all that you need

Download the High Five installation client and our Patch (which goes inside the game folder, you just have to replace the files)

Installation Client High Five

Patch l2highlevel

the real challenge. the real game. L2 HIGH LEVEL x1

High Level is a perfect server for fans of the original game and the experience of yesteryear. Our x1 rates without any EXP increase in the game store make it an interesting and exciting project, the concept of our server (is to return to the true lineage 2) this helps the server to keep the balance and the perfect spirit.

Developers never stop. We will be accompanying you from the start of our server to help you and solve all those questions that arise. In addition, we will continue to add new content and updates, we will develop the game as best and as quickly as possible, so that you can experience new areas and new features throughout the game. And our endless advertising campaigns will continue to attract new players.

We are a highly qualified team from the United States, even so the project is developed for everyone, from everywhere. We want to bring together players from all over the world. Players from Europe. America, Asia choose L2HIGHLEVEL as your project and home. Clans, Battles, Fun. Not a day is the same as the other. Do not stay out of this challenge. We know that our rates are challenging for some players, but here you will find what you will not see on any other server.

soon we will activate this content

Seven Signs active Monday, October 26

Castle siege
olympiad battles
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